Mathematics and physical reality: The theme of the absence of the “Transcendental Signifi ed” in the language of modern fundamental science

Introduction. It is argued that today the expansion of mathematics into the field of physical reality is not being performed in line with the classical paradigm, but in line with the linguistic turn of non-classical philosophy. Theoretical analysis. Such aspect of nature’s “non-fittability” into the conceptual network of mathematics as the problem of asymmetry is explored. It is stated that the world, constructed according to the logic of ideal mathematical symmetries, passes into a state called unmanifested in Hinduism. In the same direction the concept of J.

Medicalization of the educational process: Stating the problem

Introduction. The spread of medical theories and practices to various spheres of society is becoming a significant factor in the development of society. In the scientific literature this phenomenon is called medicalization. The essence, causes and consequences of medicalization are comprehended in philosophical and bioethical discourses. Medicalized practices are also being introduced into the process of education. Theoretical analysis.

Comprehension of the historical process in the theological heritage of Origen of Alexandria

Introduction. Origen of Alexandria is a large Christian thinker who worked in line with the philosophy of Platonism, Neoplatonism and the emerging Christian tradition. He is a significant figure, both in Christian theology and in the history of philosophy, who especially strongly influenced the medieval period of the development of philosophical thought. Although the theologian did not leave an integral historical concept, he constantly addressed the problem of history in his numerous works.

The mythology of technologies in Russian legal discourse: Analytics of normative regulation in the fi eld of artifi cial intelligence

Introduction. The intensification of technological progress in the modern world has led to the emergence of various discourses related to the capabilities of artificial intelligence systems. This process was accompanied by the creation of a technological myth that continues to take root in the digital space at the present time. Theoretical analysis. Technological myth reveals the cultural context from which it is formed, shows secondary meanings and connotations (R. Barth), performs a predictive function.

Religious-mystical experience and the psychoanalytic tradition

Introduction. The purpose of the article is to consider the specifics of the approach to religious and mystical experience in the psychoanalytic tradition from the point of view of revealing the degree of its interdisciplinarity. Theoretical analysis.

The dialectics of platformization

Introduction. In the presented article the analysis of the phenomenon of platformization with the use of the dialectical method was carried out. Theoretical analysis.The premise of platformization is the identity of the idea and the business model, as well as value and cost. The starting point for the movement of the idea of platformization is the request (of the subject to the platform and back), inseparably connected with its opposite – the access.

Nostalgia for the USSR: Images of the Soviet era in the media and political practice of modern Russia

Introduction. The relevance of the topic of research is due to the increased role of the Soviet historical legacy in modern socio-political practice. The images associated with the Soviet period of national history are quite actively exploited by modern political and media discourse. Theoretical analysis. The research is based on the hypothesis that the mechanism of influence of the Soviet past on political and media practice is revealed through the social phenomenon of nostalgia.

Genome editing and the status of the human embryo in vitro

Introduction. The article discusses the nature of the next challenge faced by Russian society in connection with the development of genomic technologies. It is noted that the emergence of human embryo genome editing technology has brought to life proposals for its legal regulation, but insufficient attention is still paid to the issue of the status of the embryo. Theoretical analysis. The recent emergence of the technology of human embryo genome editing makes the issue of the status of the embryo in vitro relevant.

Practical philosophy: Modern foundations and necessity

Introduction. The complexity, the rapidity of changes and considerable uncertainty of further social development reinforce the requirements for an effective positive influence of philosophy on what is happening. In general, we are talking about the modern concretization – based on the method of dialectical unity of historical and logical – of the fundamental problem of the connection of philosophy and science with life and practice. Theoretical analysis. In the history of philosophy, two opposing traditions of solving the problem of the connection of philosophy with life are being formed.

Healthy lifestyle: Philosophical dimension

Introduction. The article deals with the issue of “healthy lifestyle” as a multidimensional phenomenon that requires complexity in the research process, and also substantiates the need to overcome the limitations of private scientifi c methodology. Philosophical understanding of the problem of health and the phenomenon of a healthy lifestyle is carried out in the modern context of the development of knowledge. Theoretical analysis.