On the Question of the Interpretation of «the Greek» λόγος

The article deals with an attempt to understand the meaning of λόγος, considering all significance this term in the modern philosophy obtained. The article focuses on the essence of polysemy and its explanatory ability from the λόγος entity perspective. Also it is considered the relation between λόγος and μύθος.

About Borders of Applicability Procedures of Generalization: Criticism of Supporters «Naive» Epistemology

In article is undertaken the criticism of one of dogmas «naive» epistemology, according to which procedure of generalization conduct to occurrence and growth «new» knowledge, but, nevertheless, which acceptance as shows the logic analysis, conducts to occurrence of a series of paradoxes.

Space: Fractal Representations

The article deals with the philosophical, physical and mathematical concepts of space. The novel topological ideas related with fractality phenomenon are discussed. Ontological meaning of fractality is cleared out. 

The Dialectics of Global and Local: the Nation State and the Collective Memory within Globalization

The article discusses the place of nation state phenomenon in an atmosphere of globalization. The object of analysis is the dialectics of global and local; the subject is historical politics regarded as a nation state’s preservation method. 

Mythological Thinking in Terms of Symbolic Consumption

Mythological thinking and symbolic consumption are closely linked. We have not seen myth at modern stage an archaic relic of the past, but the contemporary models, sets the tone for the development of social relationships between individuals. Myths are generally surround a person, they have retained their property, but their symbols and images are upgraded their content. The article considers the exposure of any person to mythological thinking, which calls for a certain behavior.

Art Avant-Garde in the Modern Culture: Philosophical Aspect

This article it devoted to cultural-philosophical analysis of a phenomenon of art avant-garde and its role in the sociocultural space of modern society. The questions of the status of the artist creating in the conditions of the ambiguous modern art are carried out. Interrelations of external parameters of sociocultural reality and dynamics of development of the modern art under the influence and in interaction with these parameters are analyzed. 

Mentality and Mental Setup as Categories of Social Philosophy

The article considers the methodological foundations of international and Russian studies of mentality within the framework of different approaches in the XIX–XX centuries. Having analyzed interpretations of the categories mentality and mental setup and their interrelation in a number of studies, the author’s justification of the differentiation of these categories in social philosophy is offered.

Methodological Function of Nothing as the Modern Philosophy Category

In the article the specificity of methodological function of nothing as category in philosophy and science is revealed. Special attention is paid to methodological function of this category in existentialism, religious philosophy and theology.

Health as an Ontological Phenomenon

Phenomenological analysis of health is presented in article and main ontological properties of health are discussed. Universality of health as natural and social phenomenon is shown. Author’s definition of health is given.

In what Descartes Doubts?

The article considers the ontological systems of Descartes, namely his famous point of doubt. Following the instructions of Husserl, the author proposes to make a careful analysis of the traditional method of a thinker.