The image of a woman in the conditions of modern pseudo-democratic mythology

Introduction. The image of a woman helps to construct one’s understanding of the world, relations in society, ideas about the Other. This article is devoted to a critical analysis of the transformation of the image of a woman in a network society. Theoretical analysis. Today, the position of rejecting gender differences, which serve as one of the sources of human culture, is increasing in society. A crisis situation arises, accompanied by the loss of gender self-identification, the violation of internalization and existential frustration.

Combining the incompatible, or on the question of the synergy of educational strategies

Introduction. The main idea of the article is that every established educational strategy combines the incompatible, generating economocentrism, political centrism, technocentrism, ecocentrism and other “centrisms” that lead to a reductivist approach to the meaning and forms of education. Theoretical analysis. Education as a socioanthropological institution is relatively autonomous, and the idea of autopoiesis of the human being is what lies at the foundation of its autonomy.

The value and semantic meaning of the Motherland in A. S. Panarin’s book “Orthodox civilization in the global world”: A philosophical analysis

Introduction. The article examines the book by A. S. Panarin “Orthodox civilization in the global world” as a source of understanding the essence of the Motherland, its place in the system of values. The relevance of addressing this issue is obvious in connection with the changes taking place both in Russia and in the world, the need to overcome the crisis and implement a different model of development based on objective values. Theoretical analysis. The appeal to the work of A. S.

Postprivacy in the digital age

Introduction. The article deals with the actual problem of changing attitudes towards privacy in connection with the development of modern information and communication technologies. The purpose of the study is to philosophically analyze the phenomenon of post-privacy, identify the causes and consequences of its occurrence using logical, hermeneutic and comparative methods. The novelty of the work lies in the conceptualization of the socio-philosophical phenomenon of post-privacy. Theoretical analysis.

Semantic frame as an element of meaning-making

Introduction. In the modern socio-cultural space, the concept of the meaning of the text of culture, the process of meaning-making have become relevant among scientists. Previously, these concepts were considered in linguistics, psychology and philosophy, today they have become popular among cultural scientists, and art historians. A theoretical analysis of the concept of “frame” allows us to conclude that a frame is a fragment of a person’s memory, representing knowledge about a particular cultural phenomenon.

The role of technical in the preservation and reproduction of the living principle in a human

Introduction. The tendency to strengthen the priority of the technical side of life and the activity of a modern person, characterized by increasing complexity and ambiguity in the definition of a human and his world, aggravates the problem of preserving and reproduction of a living principle in a human. A problematic question arises: is a person – a living person – possible in a technical and technologized world in general? Theoretical analysis.

Two preachings on Lazarus Saturday: The moral dimension of friendship according to Saint Justin (Polyansky) and Saint Innocent of Kherson

Introduction. The article is devoted to the concept of friendship in Christian ethics. The author analyses the idea of friendship and its moral aspect in two previously underexamined in Russian theology sermons of Saint Justin (Polyansky) and Saint Innocent of Kherson on Lazarus Saturday. Theoretical analysis. The research allows us to make the following conclusions.

Coincidentia oppositorum as a particular way of thinking and life of a theologian

Introduction. The acquisition of scientific status by theology requires the theological community to introduce a special thesaurus into scientific circulation, as well as to develop the methodology of theology itself. In this connection we consider it expedient to turn to comprehension of Coincidentia oppositorum which will promote the expansion of theological vocabulary, paying special attention to the principle of combining opposites in theological research and formation of a special type of dialectical thinking, inherent to a theologian. Theoretical analysis.

The practice of perceiving space and time from an existential-phenomenological perspective

Introduction. In contemporary philosophy there is an emerging interest in space and time in relation to the existential-phenomenological tradition. Theoretical analysis. The article analyses some modern approaches to the problem of space and time in the context of the above-mentioned methodology, as well as those approaches that either stand in opposition to the phenomenological tradition or try to form the related understanding of the problem.

Science and power in the political philosophy of F. Bacon: From reformism towards social criticism

Introduction. The paper gives the analysis of the development of Bacon’s views on the problem of the interrelations between science and the state power. Theoretical analysis. The initial period of this development was linked to Bacon’s attempts of obtaining privileged position in the court circles during Elizabethan reign.