Analysis of Discriminatory Attitudes of Students

The appeal to the analysis of discriminatory attitudes of students is dictated by the current state of Russian society, a significant transformation of almost all spheres of its life, changing social structure of the population that provokes the emergence of social and spiritual conflicts, which greatly complicates the socio-cultural situation in the country as a whole, and in the educational space, in particular.

The Characteristics of the Teachers’ Professional Orientation

The article considers the questions of shaping, development and improvement of teachers’ professional orientation. The problem of reducing motivation among specialists, the lack of high professional orientation are traced at different stages of the activity of teachers: from training in higher education institutions to the possible professional burnout of teachers. This article suggests the methodology for the research in teachers’ professional orientation. The generic term of its definition and its main elements are given.

Processes of Musical Thinking in the Performing Activity: Information Approach

In the article, in the context of the information approach, the specificity of the processes of musical thinking and the formation of this concept in musical and psychological research is considered. The article analyzes interrelation and interaction of emotional-figurative and logical components of musical intelligence, the problem of choice and selection of conditions, operations and details, intonation as a possible unit of measurement of musical information.

Features of Professional Victimization Among Employees of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters and Law Enforcement Agencies

The results of theoretical and empirical studies of the characteristics of professional victimhood in professions providing safety to people are presented. It is shown that the work of law enforcement officers and the Ministry of Emergency Situations is done in extreme conditions, in the first place, when interacting with citizens characterized by antisocial and criminal behavior, in a situation of stress and panic, and in the second place, in natural and man-made emergencies.

Specificity of Inter-Level Relations in the Structure of the Integral Individuality of Students with Different Levels of Adaptation in a Stressful Situation

The article presents data from a statistical study using factor analysis, which made it possible to identify the specificity of inter-level relations in the structure of the integral individuality of students who differ in the level of adaptation in stress. The following methods were used: methods for determining neuropsychic stability, the risk of maladaptation in stress “Prognosis”, methods for the structure of formal-dynamic personality traits by V. M. Rusalov, the method for diagnosing the typological properties of the nervous activity by J.

Professionally Important Personal Characteristics of Government Employees

The topicality of the problem under study is due to the fact that the processes of economic development and restructuring that takes place in modern society set new tasks in the field of upgrading the government employees' skills. The aim of the article is to identify the professionally important qualities of effective government employees of the Federal Antimonopoly Service. To solve this problem, the author used psychodiagnostic methods and techniques ensuring a comprehensive study of a government employee’s personality.

Tensometric Investigation Into the Peculiarities of Functioning of the Perceptional and Emotional Spheres of a Learner

The article describes the results of the study that aimed at establishing the psychological features of the relationship between the accuracy of tactile perception and the features of the functioning of the emotional sphere of students. The study involved 120 subjects aged 5–50. The hypothesis predicting that the accuracy of the tactile perception and the emotional status of the students are interrelated was confirmed in the the study. The direct average correlation was established, with a significance level of 0.66 (Pearson coefficient).

Study of Work Motivation in Medical Workers

The article discusses the results of the survey of doctors and nurses conducted by the author in order to study the influence of psychological factors on work motivation, as well as the structure of work motives of medical personnel. The study was conducted in hospitals and clinics of cities of the Irkutsk region, 26 doctors and 34 nurses participated in the survey. In addition, 12 physicians from Greensboro, North Carolina, USA participated in the survey. As a result of the study, it was established that doctors in Russia have a predominance of internal and external positive motivation.

The Significance Problem of Social-Psychological Research Results

One of the topical problems of social psychology is the significance of the research results. After experiments are retried using published techniques, more than a half of these experiments have no confirmation. The verification of the Zimbardo “prison” experiment is one of the most famous examples. Flimsy evidence calls into doubt the predictive function of science and creates difficulties for the practical application of results.

Features of Psychological Attitude of Personality to Objects and Subjects of Labor as a Predictor of Emotional Burnout (Socio-Cognitive Approach)

The article presents the empirical research results of emotional burnout level and socio-psychological characteristics of the penitentiary system employees, presented in terms of job satisfaction and attitudes towards subjects and objects of professional activity in the context of a social cognitive approach.