Social Psychological Genesis of «Self» from the Standpoint of the Philosophy of Social Interactionism

This publication considers the explanation of the consciousness and «self» genesis offered by G. H. Mead through a gradual development during childhood of a capability to assume a part of the other and to visualize own behaviour from the viewpoint of the others.

Rational-Psychological Justification for an Empirical Criterion of «Self» Identity in Transcendental Philosophy by I. Kant

This publication considers I. Kant’s views on self-consciousness, logical «self», and virtual «self», which have rendered their impact on contemporary comprehension of «self» identity in social psychology.

Phenomenology’s Properties of Category «I»

This article is analyze category «I» and show the its propertys. Every «I»`s property (processing, defining, myself-defining, the principle opposition) is an act and when «I» executing this act «I» executing it`s positive program. When author is analyzing this propertys, he analyzing «I» like difficult structure object. 

The Problem of «Self» Studies’ Condition in Early XX Century: Scientific Introspection Data

The research expands an analysis of the problem of the «self»
phenomenon research undertaken by an American psychologist
M. W. Calkins in 1915. Her contemporary psychologists evaded the
«self» justifying by that the scientific psychology had failed to detect it.