Walking as a way to fight fatigue: A philosophical aspect

Introduction. The article deals with the problem of walking in the digital age context. It is one of the forms of social activity that lets us keep our mind and body on toes – walking, and it is not high on the public agenda anymore. Theoretical analysis. The analysis of the works of P. Handke, B. Vigarello etc. helps to suggest that every day individual completes a series of tasks being distracted by social media and doing some other minor things.

«Tired» Periods of History

The article is devoted to actual philosophical and historical problems. There are some periods in the history of mankind, which can be called «tired» periods. The fact is that the historical process is a unity of objective and subjective. In that case the objective means an immanent logic of history, and a subjective – activity of the subjects of history, i.e., of people. The objective has the primacy, but subjective has an enormous impact on objective. During crisis periods people lose their passionarity. They prefer entertainment, games, gladiator fights etc.