About Borders of Applicability Procedures of Generalization: Criticism of Supporters «Naive» Epistemology

In article is undertaken the criticism of one of dogmas «naive» epistemology, according to which procedure of generalization conduct to occurrence and growth «new» knowledge, but, nevertheless, which acceptance as shows the logic analysis, conducts to occurrence of a series of paradoxes.

Synthesis of love and suff ering in the philosophy by S. L. Frank

Introduction. The article considers the concept of synthesis in the experience of love and suff ering. In the context of the study of the problem, the works of the Russian philosopher S. L. Frank turned out to be signifi cant. Theoretical analysis. The analysis of the notion of synthesis is carried out within the framework of the concept of the metaphysics of the all-unity of the thinker.The conceptual meaning of synthesis is determined in the ratio of antinomic parts of being. It is established that love and suff ering are feelings opposite in meaning.

Antinomy of love and suffering in the religious philosophy by S. L. Frank

The article explores the essence of the antinomy of love and suffering. Within the framework of the problem, the works of the Russian religious philosopher S. L. Frank turned out to be significant. The author analyzes the semantic content of love and suffering, which became possible when considering the concept of the metaphysics of the all-unity of the thinker. In the course of studying the problem, an aspect of the contradiction between the selected phenomena is revealed, which is based on a positive and negative assessment of the understanding of these sensations.

Russia and the West: Dialectics of Cultures Interaction and Opposition of Mythologies

Authors of this article state that any post-industrial society is divided into an elite and a mass (S. Bauman, P. Virilio). The elite is exterritorial and mobile, masses, on the contrary, are limited territorially and their movements are either tourism, or the labor migration. Culturally elites tend to interact among themselves more often than they do it with their nations. As for masses, they use, on the one hand, different objects of “other” cultures, but, on the other hand, they oppose each other at the level of mythologies.


В статье исследуется проблема предмета и методологии препо-
давания теологии в современных российских светских высших 
учебных  заведениях.  Автор  раскрывает  основное  содержание 
дискуссии среди ученых по этому вопросу и приводит аргументы 
полемизирующих сторон. По его мнению, для введения предмета 
теология имеется основание на уровне исторического междуна-
родного опыта и дореволюционной традиции университетского 
образования в России. Им анализируются материалы обсужде-
ния темы на слушаниях Общественной палаты Российской Фе-