Features of mental states of students in conditions of self-isolation on the eve of the session

The article is devoted to the problem of mental states of students, who are in conditions of self-isolation, before the examination session. The results of an ascertaining experiment conducted among students during the period of restrictive measures in May–June 2020 are presented, the sample consisted of 55 students, age – 19–22 years. The aim of the research was to study the existence of a connection between the mental states of students and forced restrictive measures, including those related to studies, to assess the potential risk for the psychological well-being of students.

Social and philosophical understanding of a human existence in the context of the coronavirus pandemic

The article provides a socio-philosophical analysis of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on human existence. Various views on this phenomenon are considered, both positive, based on the belief in scientific and technological progress and the development of new nanobiomedical information and cognitive technologies, with the help of which the virus will be defeated, and negative, based on the prejudice of a global conspiracy and digital totalitarianism, of the degradation of humanity under the influence of new information technologies.