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Humanization of the continuity of modern society social reorganization on the basis of the idea of recreating the USSR in the students' mind

Introduction. The relevance of the problem of humanizing the continuity of the social reorganization of modern society on the basis of the idea of recreating the USSR in students' mind is due to rapid changes in the political climate and many challenges of our time that require prompt and immediate solutions. Theoretical analysis. The purpose of the article is to reveal the process of updating the worldview of students on the basis of humanistic identification in the process of interaction of the social progress and regression.

Principles of the evolutionary modelling in the research of the development of professional education

Introduction. Modelling is an important step in the analysis of a complex system functioning. It allows to define how the elements of the system are joined together, how they function; and to plan the directions of their development in the future. Traditionally two types of modelling are used in pedagogical research, verbal and conceptual ones. The former is the verbal expression of the ideas; the latter is their graphical mapping.

Development of Creative Abilities of the Future of the Journalist in the Process of Professional Preparation

The article is devoted to the problem of development of creative abilities of the future of the journalist in the process of professional preparation, the activation of its creative potential as a factor of personal and professional self-development of the student. A special emphasis on the theoretical ideas about the essence and the structure of the creative potential of the person of the journalist as a complex, multifaceted concept, which combines the personal reserve of the capacity and capabilities.

On the motivation for using the project-based learning method

The article deals with the problems of implementing the project-based learning method in professional education. The aim of the study is to identify the key factors hindering the full use of the method in educational practice. The research methodology is based on a systematic approach and includes methods of description, comparison, comparative analysis, and generalization. The project-based learning method fully meets the objectives of the competence-based approach in professional education.

Practice-oriented model of forming abnotivity in students of the college of arts

The article discusses a current issue of college of arts students' readiness for the professional work with gifted children. The article outlines a range of problems of gifted students in the field of music education, including difficulties in adapting to traditional teaching methods, emotional vulnerability, difficulties in communication and mutual understanding of the child with peers, and other peculiarities of the psyche.

Psychological Competency of Students of Midwifery Specialty

The aim of our research was to study the features of the psychological competence of future obstetricians. Obstetrics is a medical field in which the psychological competence of a specialist plays a special role, given the close psychosomatic relationship characteristic of the perinatal period. However, at the present stage, this issue is an almost unexplored area, including the formation of psychological competence during vocational training of students majoring in Obstetrics. In order to study the features of the psychological competence of future obstetricians, this study was conducted.


Статья  посвящена  проблеме  подготовки  будущих  учителей 
начальной  школы,  раскрытию  сущности  понятий  «самостоя-
тельная  работа»,  «индивидуальная  работа  студента»;  освеще-
ны  педагогические,  психологические  взгляды  на  проблему; 
определены  условия  формирования  и  развития  студента  для 
осуществления самостоятельной работы, доказана важность и 
необходимость  формирования  готовности  к  самостоятельной 
работе будущего учителя начальных классов в профессиональ-