Process Control System Interpersonal Communication at the Senior Preschool Children with Their Peers

The article is devoted to the problem of interpersonal communication with peers at children under school age. The system of control this process is revealed.

Problems of Classification in Logopsychology

In article the question on phenomenology of classification system in logopsychology is considered. The theoretical substantiation and an author's variant of psychological typology of persons with speech lacks is presented.

The Peculiarities of the "I-Image" Development of the Child in His Preschool Age

The issues of the development of the «I-image» of the child in his preschool age are being considered in this article. The demand of the self awareness is considered to be one of the fundamental demands of the human being. This knowledge constructs the basis, the foundation for launching the self-development and self-realization mechanisms. Based on the analyses of the Russian and foreign psychologists researches the «I-image» is considered as the bar component in the structure of the personality.

The Imaginations about Social-Psychological Descriptions of the Characters of Difficult Communication

The article analyses the results of empirical research on students imaginations about socialpsychological descriptions of the characters of difficult communication of the representatives of the social-directional occupations, as the example. It underlines the likenesses and the differences of the imaginations in a number of incentives (a social worker, a lecturer, a medical worker).The article points out the generalized portraits of difficult partners in communication.