Образовательное объединение

Review of the Book: Maksimova E. A. Innovative Organization of the System of Professional Education: Educational Unions

The system of professional education provides a person with certain means to achieve important goals in life. Its direct dependence on the level of sociocultural development of the society is axiomatic; the relation between the content of professional education and requirements of the socio-economic development of a nation has become the problem of scientific research not only for pedagogues, but for economists and sociologists as well. However, the influence of the evolution in labor on the organization of the system of professional education has not been thoroughly analyzed.

Classification of Educational Unions

The article presents some innovative types in the organization of the system of professional education, which appeared as a response to the tendency of enlarging production and commercial enterprises. It is shown that educational, scientific and production organizations consolidate in conglomerates of one type or another to achieve numerous goals. Hence, these unions have different characteristics from the point of time, integration, structure.