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Scientific and Technical Rationality: Horizons of Interaction

The article develops the author’s concept of relations between communication and isolation in the structure of the totality of technology and science, the ratio of rational to normative scientific, cognitive and technical structures. The focus is on the nature of ideals and norms of scientific and technical research, the types of scientific and technical rationality, their interdependence, and their role in cognition. The aim of the work is a comparative analysis of scientific and technical rationality based on the study of the foundations of science, technology and paradigms.

Problematization of a Question of Rationality in Scientific Research of Karl Marx: Historical and Philosophical Bases of Philosophy of Science

The article is devoted to consideration of problems of rationality in Karl Marx’s philosophy. The analyzed list of problems of scientific rationality includes the problems of logic, methodology and axiology of social and economic researches. The research for a dialectic method of idealistic philosophy and anthropological thinking precedes the historical novelty of dialectics-materialistic methodology of Marxism. It promoted creation of the complete concept of essence of the person, socio-historical process.

The Problem of Search of the Ideal of Science in the Conditions of Forming of the New Hierarchy of the Universal Values

In clause through a prism philosopher-cultures the approach the problem of search and formation of a new ideal of scientific character in the ratio with relative and historical dynamics of key parameters of scientific rationality is considered. The concept of a postnonclassical ideal of scientific character is comprehended by the author in a context of comprehension of necessity of development of cardinally others norms cultures, reference points of modern scientific knowledge.

The Philosophy of Science: the Concepts and Perspectives of the Development

The article is dedicated to the study of the problem area of modern philosophy, comprehension of its epistemological status in the system of science of science disciplines. Adverting to the number of basic conceptions of the western and Russian philosophy of science, the author tries to define the philosophy of science and makes an attempt to find out the further perspectives of this research area.


Love and Justice in the Ethical Field of Modern Philosophy Discourse

The given article is dedicated to the analyses of christian spiritual love and profane earthly justice taken as two central ethical principals. The author comes to conclusion that the concept of christian love does not lose its' moral and ethical significance. This concept does not make invaluable relative and conventional justice but gives it ontological weight and guarante

The Scientific Rationality and the Concept of Cognitive Relativism

Actual problems of modern philosophy and methodology of scientific cognition are examined − the problem of cognitive relativism. Research of this problem supposes the specification of theoretical basis of the phenomenon of relativism in area of scientific knowledge.

Philosophical Heritage of Karl Marx as Basis for Judgment of a Phenomenon of Science

The article is devoted to the study, in the context of the tradition of the philosophy of science, of problems of rationality that are characteristic of the scientific research of Karl Marx. The philosophy of science is understood as a historical process and the historical result of the systematic application of the whole semantic potential of philosophy to the comprehension of the phenomenon of science, the history of science.