The Problem of Studying Self-Determination of Personality in the Domestic Psychological Science

The article presents the analysis of the current domestic research of the problem of self-determination of personality. It is shown that the peculiarities of the domestic concept of self-determination is the synthesis of foreign experience and our own developments in the field of motivation, self-regulation and subjectivity. In domestic studies it is shown that adolescence is sensitive in the development of self-determination, but there are not enough studies of its ontogenetic features, revealing basic conditions, mechanisms and prerequisites of development.

Spirituality as a Basis of Morality and Patriotism in a Modern Russian Society

The article considers the dialectical correlation between patriotism, morality and spirituality. Spirituality is interpreted as the main condition and basis of all moral qualities and abilities of the human being, including patriotism. In comparison with patriotism as a spiritual quality of the person, spirituality looks like a transcendental condition of personal existence, which allows us to interpret it more fundamental and, therefore, primary phenomenon. Based on this, the widespread idea found in literature according to which patriotism is the basis of spirituality is criticized.

Social Capital as a Psychological Phenomenon

The article is devoted to the problem of substantiating the phenomenon of “social capital” as a psychological phenomenon. The purpose of the study presented in the article was to systematically review the articles devoted to the problem of social capital, executed in a psychological perspective.

Social and Psychological Determinants of the Representations about Jealousy

The urgency of studying the social and psychological determinants of personality representations about jealousy is beyond doubt, since it gives the most complete understanding of the prerequisites and the main causes of jealousy. Jealousy, being a passion, can be extremely dangerous. It is not always possible to distinguish the so-called “normal”, grounded jealousy from morbid, groundless, pathological, “delirious” jealousy.

Theoretical Analysis of the Problem of Realization of Discriminatory Attitudes of the Person in Behavior

The results of a theoretical analysis of the problem of the correlation between discriminatory attitudes of personality and behavior are presented. The relevance of the topic is determined by the social order of revealing the determinants of discriminatory behavior of the individual creating social tension.

To the Problem of the Features of Existential Philosophy of N. A. Berdyaev

In the article, the problem of the religious nature of the existential philosophy of N. A. Berdyaev is considered. It is shown that his understanding of his own philosophy as the existence of the spirit affected the way he understood the issue of freedom. For a philosopher, freedom is a state of mind, and therefore, the problem analyzed is not political and not legal, but exclusively religious. While dealing with this task, the philosopher makes an attempt to replace the usual philosophical terminology with a religious-existential one for a more complete reflection of freedom.

Personality in Space of Power

Increase of a personality role in political space of society sets a task of researching of the ways of personification of special power structures. In the article there offered the main levels of psychological space of power, the corresponding political symbols and the models of political behavior. There also discussed particular features of personified space of the leader, phantoms of his influence on political space of ruling elites and electorate.


Выявлены взаимосвязи различных психологических характеристик личности с особенностями эмоциональной сферы, проявляющейся в ситуации экзамена. Показано, что специфически неблагоприятные личностно-психологические особенности присущи студентам с различным полюсом эмоций.


Конституциональная психология - область знаний, предметом которой являются связи конституциональных - телесных, дерматоглифических, серологических и психических (личностных, главным образом, темпераментальных, «психодинамических») особенностей.

The Economic View of Teenagers and Youths of Social Inequality, which is Formed During the Process of Economic Socialization in Russia

The article presents the results of the study of the ideas of adolescents
and young adults of social inequality. The empirical research has revealed
nuclear components of ideas of adolescents and youths about
various aspects of social inequality, as well as changes in their ideas,
depending on the age of adolescents. The results of the research
indicate that teenagers don’t adopt in it’s pure form existing in the
society conflicting views and attitudes towards social inequality in the