Phenomenon of Rationality in Culture

The article deals with rationality as theoretical concept and phenomenon and value of culture. Analysis of historical types of rationality in culture is performed. The idea of preservation of renovated rationality in culture is emphasized.

A Social and Psychological Analysis of the Development of the Culture of Production and Consumption of Media Information

The article shows the modern state of the culture of consumption of media information at the level of individual and group consciousness. The authors state their preliminary conclusions that were made on the basis of the use of the experimental version of the inquirer ICCI (Individual Culture of Consumption of Information).

Art in Intellectual Aerial of the Modern Society

In the article «Art in intellectual aerial of the modern society» is produced trial of the inspecting art as the one of the factors which is directing development of the society. The factors lost their meanings. Appealing to the moment of the appearing of the creating efforts of the human, the author does the conclusion that those efforts appeared on the special basis of the attitude human with the world.

Democratic Intelligentsia and Elite

The concepts of intelligentsia and elite reflect different historical periods of evolution of the educated class. Intelligentsia is the product of the epoch of democratic rise. It solves the problem of overcoming rupture between advanced enlightenment and real people life. Elite is the subject of the avant-garde culture in the post revolutionary society.


27−28 марта 2008 г. в Саратовском государственном университете состоялась Всероссийская научная конференция «Виртуальное пространство культуры: онтологический, аксиологический, антропологический и теоретико-познавательный аспекты», организованная Межрегиональным центром теоретических и прикладных исследований культуры «Артефакт», Саратовским отделением Российского философского общества и философским факультетом СГУ.

Time in Culture Philosophy: Methodology Problems

In article the analysis of studying of a category time in a context of the philosophical analysis of culture is made. Methodological possibilities of studying of concept "culture time" are designated.

Management Culture of a Military Specialist

The article deals with the characteristics of management culture, the analysis of concepts and scientific approaches to its study. The essence of management culture of a military specialist has been described. Values of management culture are marked, and also the aspects of this culture as creative process.

On Hermeneutic Tradition of "Understanding" in the Russian Philosophy and Culture

The article states the problem of hermeneutic tradition research in the Russian culture and philosophy. The ontological analysis of hermeneutic investigations in the Russian classical philosophy is made. The author draws out the methodological constants showing the essence of the hermeneutic tradition in the Russian philosophy.

Structural and Functional Approach to the Cultural and Psychological Research of Psychological Personal Competence

Structural and functional approach is suggested as a base for cultural and psychological personal competence modeling. The competence
is considered to be an integrated social psychological characteristic of a person and reflects his efficient cooperation with cultural environment.
The article shows the significance of cultural and psychologicalcompetence in realization of life perspectives of a person, his
professional and citizenly achievements. 

The Culture, Sciens and Religion in Structural Psycho-Analysis by Jacque Lacan

The author considers the theory of structural psychoanalysis, suggest by Jacque Lacan. On the ground of this theory the author tryes to interpret Lacan’s concepts of culture including its components such as science and religion.