Formation of positive motivation in teaching conservatory students through Enlightening projects

Introduction. The problem of teaching motivation is a key one in psychological and pedagogical science. Positive motivation determines the trajectory of a student’s development throughout the entire educational activity. If students lack cognitive interests, motives to learn, develop, and improve then in the future it is difficult for such young people to become competitive specialists. Theoretical analysis.

Landscape Ontology: Existential Continuum

The phenomenon of the space-time continuum of the landscape is considered in the article. The author pays special attention to the problem of human life in a complex system and the totality of all components of natural and natural-anthropogenic landscapes. In describing the essence of the spatial-temporal continuum of the landscape, the emphasis is placed on the investigation of the dangerous transformation that occurs when anthropogenic impact of natural complexes of the indigenous landscape is taking place, which negatively affects the conditions of human activity as a social subject.


Статья посвящена описанию компонентов, критериев и уровней речемыслительной деятельности старших школьников, определено, что понимается под этими понятиями. В определении критериев активности был сделан акцент на компонентном составе речемыслительной деятельности в процессе активизации. Обобщенный фактический материал позволил выделить и описать эти компоненты – мотивационный, содержательный и процессуально-творческий.