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Social and philosophical understanding of a human existence in the context of the coronavirus pandemic

The article provides a socio-philosophical analysis of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on human existence. Various views on this phenomenon are considered, both positive, based on the belief in scientific and technological progress and the development of new nanobiomedical information and cognitive technologies, with the help of which the virus will be defeated, and negative, based on the prejudice of a global conspiracy and digital totalitarianism, of the degradation of humanity under the influence of new information technologies.

Anthropogenesis in the Conditions of the Development of Information Technology

Author researches process of influence introduction of high-technology for anthropogenesis, development of culture, values paradigm of information society.

An Analysis of the Vocational and Personal Formation of Prospective Professionals in the Field of Information Technology under the Aspect of the Scenario (Modelling) Approach

The article reveals the essence of the scenario (modelling) approach to the analysis of the professional and personal formation of prospective IT professionals. Under this aspect there is presented a theoretical foundation of the author's experience in applying the scenario approach to the analysis of the empirical data gathered in the course of study. It is also noted that the scenarios of the vocational and personal formation can not evolve beyond certain spatial and temporal limits.

Role of Modern Computerized Technologies in Preparation of the Future Logistics Officers for Foreign Language Communication

At present time the most important question of foreign language teaching is developing of the future logistics officers communicative skills for speaking and communicating foreign language fluently and correctly. New computerized technologies and multimedia means promote perfection of educational process of foreign language learning.

Information Technologies in Training of Cadets of National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation

The informatization of military service and military experts of national guard troops of the Russian Federation as members of the security Institute in the structure of the state, primarily associated with the creation and maintenance of necessary level of the equipment in order to solve professional tasks in various conditions of the operational environment.