Review of the Book: Papayani F. A. The Imperial Future of Russia / Confrontation of Ideological Projects of the 19th – 21st Centuries

Russian space of 19th – 21st centuries turned into a tough field of opposition of ideological projects. Each project claims the status of a basic factor in shaping the outlook of the people who influence the present and future of Russia. The key idea of the monograph is ideology as the moral and ethical canon of human behavior and the power and political regulation of society.

Methodological Basis of "New Religious Consciousness" in V.S. Solovyovs Philosophy

This article is devoted to study of V.S. Solovyovs philosophical research оf «new religious consciousness» as alternative of reflective consciousness. The accent is given to peculiarities of ontological intuition in «metaphysics of universal unity» and to «positive dialectics» as methodology to comprehend supernatural primary substance. Solution of this problem is realized in context of analysis by the Russian philosopher of Gegels dialectics and his interpretation of identity law.

The Ideological Aspects of the Everyday Life of Society

The article is devoted to the notion of ideology and its role in the everyday life practices of everyday life. It was determined that the theoretical basis of ideology was the idea of sample, the formation of which has a The mental, national and spiritual traditions have the significant impact for the formation of its theoretical basis. The main factor contributing to the development of ideological offers includes daily existence, in which the testing takes place ideological and development of the main aspects of the ideology such as the ideas, norms and values.


Статья  посвящена  соотношению  знака  с  онтологическим  по-
лем вещи, выявлению структур языка. Дж. Локк рассматривает 
данную проблему, уделяя внимание коммуникативной и позна-
вательной стороне. Слово как знак, по его мнению, является от-
ражением  вещи,  выражением  первичных  и  вторичных  качеств. 
Локк подчеркивает важность эмпирической стороны в познании 
единичных вещей, так как это влияет на формирование простых 
идей. Знак при этом выражает единичное. Ошибки в общении,