Russia and the West: Dialectics of Cultures Interaction and Opposition of Mythologies

Authors of this article state that any post-industrial society is divided into an elite and a mass (S. Bauman, P. Virilio). The elite is exterritorial and mobile, masses, on the contrary, are limited territorially and their movements are either tourism, or the labor migration. Culturally elites tend to interact among themselves more often than they do it with their nations. As for masses, they use, on the one hand, different objects of “other” cultures, but, on the other hand, they oppose each other at the level of mythologies.

The Conceptual Bases of the Communication Conflict

In article we present the specifics of the communication conflict and virtual person in the modern global space. In this context, concluded that it is necessary social-philosophical understanding of this phenomenon, especially since the problem of communication is connected with the disclosure of the identity of the person, their valuable installations. 


В статье ставится проблема общества, связанная с деятельностью политических элит. Подвергается осмыслению механизм деятельности политических элит и реализации их функций как субъектов геополитического риска. Анализируя социальную роль элит, автор приходит к выводу, что их деятельность детерминирована поливариативностью сознания и поливалентностью действий в ситуациях неопределенности.

Democratic Intelligentsia and Elite

The concepts of intelligentsia and elite reflect different historical periods of evolution of the educated class. Intelligentsia is the product of the epoch of democratic rise. It solves the problem of overcoming rupture between advanced enlightenment and real people life. Elite is the subject of the avant-garde culture in the post revolutionary society.


В статье анализируются предпосылки трансформации религиоз- ной идентификации в обществе риска. Анализ социальных транс- формации представлен в контексте соотношения формальных и неформальных институтов, в сравнении отношений общности и отношений власти. Потрясения, связанные с разрушением цен- ностного измерения, обусловили интенсивность трансформаций и формирование протестной динамики. Фундаментальные цен- ности – это заданная перспектива, не сводимая к расхожему по- ниманию социальной памяти. Это, скорее, социальная память о том, что есть будущее.

The Dynamics of Value Orientations of the Creative Elite in a Risk Society

In this article the author makes an attempt to determine the reasons for the loss of civilizational identity, coupled with the loss of the previous values and social certainty. He is trying to figure out the role played by the creative elite in shaping the cultural identification attitudes of society in modern Russia. The article traces the dynamics of formation and development of Russian identity in the transition period. Analyzes the direction and nature of the state of social dynamics. The ways of preserving the national identity and the spiritual and moral foundations.

Historical Transformation of Elite Power in the Problem Field of Social Philosophy

The article is devoted to the social and philosophical analysis of the historical changes of the elite power. There is made an attempt to identify the differences between elite power from the power of the elites. From this point of view, there are various approaches to study the ruling groups. And the hermeneutic approach is set off in the article. Based on it there is defined the elite of the text (the public), the elite of the subtext (behind the scenes), and the elite of the context (the real conditions of its existence).