The Problem of Studying Self-Determination of Personality in the Domestic Psychological Science

The article presents the analysis of the current domestic research of the problem of self-determination of personality. It is shown that the peculiarities of the domestic concept of self-determination is the synthesis of foreign experience and our own developments in the field of motivation, self-regulation and subjectivity. In domestic studies it is shown that adolescence is sensitive in the development of self-determination, but there are not enough studies of its ontogenetic features, revealing basic conditions, mechanisms and prerequisites of development.

Spirituality as a Basis of Morality and Patriotism in a Modern Russian Society

The article considers the dialectical correlation between patriotism, morality and spirituality. Spirituality is interpreted as the main condition and basis of all moral qualities and abilities of the human being, including patriotism. In comparison with patriotism as a spiritual quality of the person, spirituality looks like a transcendental condition of personal existence, which allows us to interpret it more fundamental and, therefore, primary phenomenon. Based on this, the widespread idea found in literature according to which patriotism is the basis of spirituality is criticized.


В статье обосновывается, что философия есть особый способ постижения действительности, неразрывно связанный с дедуктивным методом и не опирающийся на фактическое знание об окружающем мире. Ей свойственно и свое мышление - «осмысляющее», в отличие от научного - «вычисляющего», которому чужды проблемы духовности, что обедняет духовный мир человека, превращая его постепенно в «живой мыслящий робот».

Spirituality-Moral Determinants of Sport

In clause philosophical problems of sports, it social and cultural bases are considered. The basic accent is done revealing spiritually-moral a determinant of an investigated phenomenon. Sports activity initially human oriented and the main task of modern system of physical training and formation consists in preservation and development of the given humanistic beginning.

Historical and Philosophical Premises of Trying to Understand Physical Training

The influence of different epoch on physical training and connection of physical training with peculiarities of different socio - cultural systems witn their evolution on the most important stages of socio - economic and cultural evolution of society is investigated. Physical activity is presented as the unity of spiritual and impellent constituents. The point that physical training form harmony of spiritual and corporal forces is proved.


Исследуется влияние разных эпох на физическую культуру, связь физической культуры с особенностями различных социо-культурных систем, с их эволюцией на важнейших этапах социально-экономического и культурного развития общества. Физкультурная деятельность представлена как единство духовной и двигательной сторон. Доказывается, что физическая культура формирует гармонию духовных и телесных сил человека.

To a Problem of Spirituality in Organization

raised, and the concept of «spirituality» is analyzed in scientific term. The author discusses religious-, secular- (mind, creativity), ethics-based approaches to spirituality, and separates concepts of «spirituality» and «morality». Modern theories of organizational psychology such as «workplace spirituality», «spiritual leadership» and «spiritual intelligence» are observed in this article. A special role of spirituality in forming of organizational effectiveness and individual contentment of personal activity is emphasized.

Spiritual Potential of Artistic Creation: Sociocultural Risks

In the article briefly lighted up and analyzed some aspects of development
of artistic creation, depending on the spiritual state of
artist. The author contends that any work of art captures a spiritual
state of the artist at the time of its creation. Basically, any creation
captures and reflects not only the spiritual state of «creator» during
the creation of work of art, but his spiritual intentionality. Therefore,
there is always a kind of spiritual seal on the result of creation. The

Spirituality as the Highest Value in a Person’s Life

The article describes spirituality as the highest value and the basis
of the existence of a person. The key point of the article is that
the process of becoming a spiritual person doesn’t happen all on
its own and doesn’t depend on the subject itself. On the contrary,
this process requires a certain amount of efforts to happen and
even an inner heroic deed of person, seeking for a spiritual and
cultural growth. The conclusion is that the spirituality is a unique
process which can’t be viewed separately from the existence of a