The practice of perceiving space and time from an existential-phenomenological perspective

Introduction. In contemporary philosophy there is an emerging interest in space and time in relation to the existential-phenomenological tradition. Theoretical analysis. The article analyses some modern approaches to the problem of space and time in the context of the above-mentioned methodology, as well as those approaches that either stand in opposition to the phenomenological tradition or try to form the related understanding of the problem.

Experience of «The Other» in Husserl`s Phenomenological Project

Article is devoted to consideration of experience in late Husserl`s works through the appeal to Descartes’ philosophical heritage. Through judgment of experience the philosophy of the 20th century opens the relations the person to «The Other» individual. Addressing to E. Husserl experience, saw in it phenomenology bases as sciences of higher formation.

Problem of a Priori and the Humanities in L.Binswanger’s Existential Psychoanalysis

The article is devoted to consideration of the anthropological project of L. Binswanger. According to his conception before addressing to the research of pathology of any given individual, it is necessary to understand what it means to be the person. And, it follows that the psychiatry gets into a field of the human sciences. Binswanger makes an attempt to transfer the fundamental ontology of Heidegger on the field of psychoanalytic practice, aspiring to overcome the subject – objective opposition and to investigate perceptual existence of the person in the world.

Phenomenology’s Properties of Category «I»

This article is analyze category «I» and show the its propertys. Every «I»`s property (processing, defining, myself-defining, the principle opposition) is an act and when «I» executing this act «I» executing it`s positive program. When author is analyzing this propertys, he analyzing «I» like difficult structure object.