Peer review procedure

1.​ All manuscripts entering release of Journal of "Information of the Saratov university. Philosophy. Psychology. Pedagogics", directed on the profile of scientific research on a review to the members of editorial college, and if necessary independent experts. The journal uses blind peer review.


2.​ To criticizing experts are brought over having during the last three years publications on the subjects of the criticized article.


3.​ To criticizing specialists working in the same research establishment are not brought over, where work is executed.


4.​ Reviewers are advised that the manuscripts sent to them are the peculiar of authors and behave to information, by a not subject to the disclosure. It is not settled reviewers to do the copies of reasons for the needs.


5.​ Criticizing is conducted confidentially. Violation of confidentiality is possible only in case of statement of reviewer about an unauthenticity or falsification of the materials expounded in the article.


 6.​ Without fail the copy of review is directed an author with remarks or motivated refuse.


7.​ If in a review on the article present pointing on the necessity of her correction, then she is directed to the author on a revision. In this case an entering date release the date of return of the finished off article is considered.


8.​ In case of disagreement with opinion a reviewer the author of the article has a right to give the argued answer in the release of Journal. The article can be sent to the repeated criticizing or on a concordance in an editorial college.


9.​ About expedience of publication after criticizing made decision an editor-in-chief, and if necessary - by an editorial board on the whole.


10.​ Reviews of the articles are stored at the editorial office of the Journal for 5 years 


11.​ The editorial board of the Journal send copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation should a corresponding request be submitted to the editorial office of the Journal.