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Luzina I. I. The Problems of Bioethics in Modern Science: Philosophical Aspect. Izvestiya of Saratov University. Philosophy. Psychology. Pedagogy, 2020, vol. 20, iss. 3, pp. 274-278. DOI:

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The Problems of Bioethics in Modern Science: Philosophical Aspect

The constructive solution of the diverse essential problems of human life in the space-time continuum of life involves an explanation of the specifics of the development of life on Earth from the perspective of bioethics. In the article, the human world and all living organisms of the biosphere are considered as unified dynamic and organic integrity. The principles of bioethics acquire an important role for the civilizational interaction of nature, a man and society within the framework of a single global system of life. They allow a person to comprehend the infinity and eternity of the development of life and the infinity of human existence. And also, from a moral point of view, they allow us to evaluate our life activity, our place and role in the natural universe. The problem of understanding the essence of life and valuable human existence can be considered as a violation of the elementary ethical standards of life preservation by an industrial society. As a result of the rapid praxiological development of the technosphere of life, the principles of bioethics acquire the fundamental status of a person’s moral culture. In the article, the achievement of a safe state of human life as a benefit of a healthy life is related to the determining basis of the biopsychosocial well-being of a person and the world of life in general on Earth. Therefore, bioethical principles – the reverence for life and vitality – are described through biosocial categories of life, which are a guideline for substantiating various strategies for the sustainable development of the nature-man-society system. Consideration of the problems of bioethics in modern science is relevant in methodological, theoretical and practical respects. The topic of the article opens a new perspective on the development of theories and fundamentally applied generalizations in the field of philosophy.


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