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Lobova L. G. Processes of Musical Thinking in the Performing Activity: Information Approach. Izvestiya of Saratov University. Philosophy. Psychology. Pedagogy, 2019, vol. 19, iss. 3, pp. 310-315. DOI:

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Processes of Musical Thinking in the Performing Activity: Information Approach

In the article, in the context of the information approach, the specificity of the processes of musical thinking and the formation of this concept in musical and psychological research is considered. The article analyzes interrelation and interaction of emotional-figurative and logical components of musical intelligence, the problem of choice and selection of conditions, operations and details, intonation as a possible unit of measurement of musical information. The following stages of musical thinking are defined: problem setting (self-assignment), selection of possible variants, hypothesis testing, insight, state of understanding. The operational mechanisms of musical thinking are considered: comparison, analysis and synthesis, abstraction and generalization, concretization. The article emphasizes the role of analysis through synthesis as the most important operating scheme revealing new properties and qualities of the analyzed object (new principles of sound organization) in the process of correlation with already known ones. The consolidation of the new is accompanied by the “informational curtailment” of the previous structures that are included in the new integrity as its components, the enlargement of the structural units of the system, the reinforcement of determinism. Creation of stylistic and, in particular, national models of thinking takes place at the stage of generalization and is accompanied by a typology of dynamic regularities of the artistic language. A vivid example of the generalization of the meaning of sound is the mechanism of a simultaneous generalization of intonation at the levels of work, genre, style, influencing all stages of musical activity. Individual specificity of the object is manifested in the process of concretization at the time of successive deployment of the musical image. Practical thinking takes on decisive importance in music performance: motor skills has a direct influence on thought processes, and acts as a co-author of the artistic image being created.


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